Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Comic Book Day

In the last year, I've really been turned on to the possibilities of the graphic novel.  I got pulled in by a nice little series called Echoes by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, and since then there have been a few others series that have grabbed me.  The comic or the graphic novel is almost a combination of screenplay and storyboard, with the movie laid out right in front of you.
That being said I've never been a fan of superheroes, so most of the things I read are not the big legacy comics.

This week I picked up two series I follow, and a third book on a whim.

The Unwritten is a fantastic series that plays with the idea of what would happen if literary characters came to life in our world.  It's written by Mike Carey and Peter Gross.

PIGS is something new that a friend got me into.  It's only on its third issue, but it's intriguing as hell.  What if a Soviet sleeper cell had lain dormant in the US for forty years and was suddenly activated?

The third book that I grabbed is called Operation Broken Wings, 1936 by Herik Hanna.  It's set during World War II and just looked interesting.  We'll see if it's any good.

What Comics do other people follow?  I'd love to hear.

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